Hyalogy Deep Purifying mask 100g

This peel off mask acts as a natural sorbent by removing sebum excesses and loose keratinocytes, drying a little inflamed skin areas, soothing irritations and reducing puffiness. This mask comprises the unique acids complex: Oleanolic and Nordihydroguaiaretic. Oleanolic acid, extracted from olive tree leaves, deactivates 5 – α – reductase, one of the key triggers of excess skin oil production. Nordihydroguaiaretic acid inhibits excessive keratinocytes’ proliferation , that often leads to comedones formation.

Rosa multiflora fruit extract and Rosa canina fruit extract not only help for this treatment efficiency but also make it possible to work with the very sensitive skin. Bentonite and Moroccan lava clay absorb different skin contaminations very beautifully. Besides, Moroccan lava clay, as a magnesium and silicon source, helps to make both corneum and derma layers tight.

Malus domestica fruit cell culture extract boosts the skin regeneration, works as a powerful anti-oxidant agent.

This deep purifying face mask achieves unrivalled restoration of skin barrier function, sebum regulation and reduced inflammation within the skin.



It is a peel-off mask. Apply a grape sized amount to a cleansed damp face in a thin layer and leave to dry completely. Once dry, pick the edge of the mask to gently release and peel away entirely. Remove any excess mask with a damp cloth. Use as often as needed.


Oily, combination and normal skin prone to acne, comedones, inflammation.


Oleanolic acid / Nordihydroguaiaretic acid

Malus domestica fruit cell culture extract

Rosa canina fruit extract / Moroccan lava clay

Ionized minerals / Hyalogy HA

Hydrolysed pearl protein


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