Hyalogy P-effect Peeling lotion

This special care lotion has pronounced biostimulating and mild peeling effects. The lotion triggers a chain of recovery and metabolic processes to strengthen and protect the skin. This product gently exfoliates the dead cells of dry, cracked, reddened and thickened skin and leaves it wonderfully soft and supple.

What does it do?

  • soft exfoliation and cell renewal
  • biostimulation of collagen and ceramides synthesis
  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects
  • immunomodulation and antioxidant protection
  • skin hydration and brightening

645,00 lei


Science behind the product

Due to unique combination of lactobacillus, fruit and lactic acids this lotion has pronounced bio-stimulating and mild peeling effects and is suitable and effective for all skin types, including sensitive, skin with hyperkeratosis, dull and stressed skin, skin of smokers and city dwellers as well as for prolongation of mesotherapy results or pre aesthetic surgery care.


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