Hyalogy P-effect Refining lotion

A Japanese high-tech lotion is an essence dissolved in ionized “live” water. It can be used  as an extra hydrating layer, a light serum or a pre-serum.


Hyalogy unique complex of low molecular ingredients in Refining lotion ensures deep and long lasting hydration. Our patented P-effect complex improves skin immunity and boosts regeneration at cellular level.

The lotion promotes healthy skin appearance, refreshed and glowing. It corrects redness and irritation.


Refining lotion helps prolong the effect of aesthetic treatments and can  be combined with at home skincare devices.

500,00 lei


Main ingredients


Low molecular Hyaluronic acid

Hydrolyzed egg shell membrane protein

Hydrolyzed pearl protein

Amino acids

Ionized minerals (Ca, Zn, Mg)


Best for

Dehydrated skin of any type.

Dry skin.

Sensitive skin.

Age group: 18+ 25+ 30+ 40+ 50+ 60+ 70+


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