Hyalogy P-effect sheet (8 pairs of eye patches) eye mask

These cosmetic gel patches are designed for intensive care and regeneration of the under eye area. The mask has an immediate smoothing effect and may be used not only as a regular part of skincare regime but also as an eye mask to achieve that instant “wow” effect or before applying makeup. regular use of this mask deeply moisturizes skin, significantly improves elasticity and reduces fine lines. These eye patches are suitable for all ages and any skin types.

630,00 lei


Main ingredients

Hyaluronic acid of different molecular sizes

Hydrolyzed Pearl protein

Hydrolyzed eggshell membrane


Tartaric acid

Amino acids complex

Ionized minerals (electrolytes)


How to use

Apply the patches on clean skin under the eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes. Remove. Apply your eye cream/serum afterwards.

Pro tip: apply the patches on top of Forlle’d lotions or serums.


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