Hyalogy Creamy Wash 150ml

Cleansing foam for sensitive skin, skin prone to redness, irritation, dry skin.

Hyalogy Creamy wash gently cleanses the skin, repairing its protective barrier, strengthening fragile blood vessels, provididng anti-inflammatory effect and nourishing the skin with Ceramides-3. Forlle’d patented HA, pearl protein and eggshell membrane protein complex improve skin immunity and repair membrane lipid structures at cellular level.

515,00 lei


Main ingredients

Hyaluronic acid


Vit K

Ceramides – 3

Pearl protein

Wild Yam root extract

Soya seed ectract

Persea Gratissima oil

Prunus Armeniaca oil

Rosa Canina oil

Zea Mays oli

Ionized minerals


Best for

Normal skin.

Dry skin.

Very dry skin.

Sensitive skin.

Skin prone to redness.

Age groups: 25+ 30+ 40+ 50+ 60+ 70+


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