Hyalogy Platinum lotion

The Japanese high-tech lotion is an essence dissolved in ionized “live” water. It can be used as an extra hydrating layer, a  light serum or a pre-serum. The lotion enhances the permeability of skin for any further applied products.


Due to ionized platinum particles in the lotion, Hyalogy Platinum lotion provides maximal antioxidant protection. It promotes skin healthy radiance, ensures the  natural inner glow. The patented complex of low molecular ingredients guarantees deep and long lasting skin hydration. Platinum lotion botanical components reduce inflammation and improve skin immunity. This product is especially recommended for the skin affected by sun exposure, stress, polluted environment of big cities

570,00 lei


Main ingredients

Platinum powder

Hydrolyzed plum extract

Ceramide – 3

Aloe barbadensis



Nano and low-molecular Hyaluronic acid

Eggshell membrane protein

Pearl protein

Amino Acids

Ionized minerals (Ca, Zn, Mg)

Vitamin E


Best for

Normal skin.

Combination skin.

Dry skin.

Dull skin.

Uneven complexion.

“Big city” skin.

Stressed skin.

Age group: 25+ 30+ 40+ 50+


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